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    No News is Bad… News

    By Savannah Warren
    I’ve mentioned before how I recently got rid of cable. That was about six months ago and so far I don’t mind it too much. I find solace in Netflix and Hulu Plus. I keep up with all my current shows and get to go back and discover old shows fairly easily this way. The only downside I’ve found to not having cable is not being able to watch the news.
    I never thought I would miss the news. Every time I say it I feel like I age myself a few years. Just a few years ago, I would call have called myself lame for intentionally looking up and craving to read the news. However, now that it’s not always there I’ve found that I’m more dependent than I thought.
    The first few months without it I didn’t even notice. It wasn’t until there was a big event that I didn’t hear about for three days that I realized that I was out of the loop.
    Now, along with checking all of my social media, I also check the big news websites. I have an ABC News app on my phone that keeps me in the loop by flashing headlines across my screen. Now I feel like I am more caught up on national news than I have ever been. If I could just find an easy way to keep up on local news, I would be set.
    Working in the Kentucky Room, I have access to the local newspaper all the time but I end up reading more old newspapers than new ones. I could tell you all about death’s in the late 40’s in Owensboro, but not about what happened yesterday. Looks like I need to add another news website to my rotation.
    Pretty soon there will be more news on my phone than social media. I guess that’s what your mid-twenties does to you.

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