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    Staff Selfies: Welsey Johnson and Daniale Thomas


    Wesley Johnson

    Hello, do you know me? I’m a library IT Assistant. My name is Wesley Johnson. Perhaps you remember seeing me as “MAN IN CROWD AT BARISTA COMPETITION” in William Wallace’s Monkey Mocha Fantastique or “MAN ON BENCH WHO GETS ATTACKED BY ZOMBIES” in the PJ Starks’ classic, WBKR Zombie Run 2013 Commercial. No? You’ve at least seen me crawling under desks with Ethernet cables or toting around broken computers at DCPL, right? You’ll typically find me doing that and other assorted technology-related tasks there M-F.

    Outside of appearing for approximately 10 seconds in various indie films & commercials, I spend my free time engaging in the following activities: non-fiction writing, reading (no, I didn’t HAVE to say that), watching plays/films/concerts, eating entirely too much Mashed Potato & Bacon pizza and attempting to be a comedian. I also like long walks on the beach, provided I have access to a powerful sunscreen. I am very pale.


    Daniale Thomas

    Hey, I’m Daniale, and you can hear me walking through the stacks from across the library with my jangling lanyard and clumsy steps. I work on the fun floor, the one with the children’s books and fiction. I love rereading my old favorites like The Princess Bride and The Iron Fey and trying out some of the many new young adult fiction novels we own. When I am not at my fantastic job, I am in class learning how to be an engineer or studying (a.k.a. watching Netflix). I love helping patrons find new reads, so if you need anything, feel free to ask!

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