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    Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson: A book review

    This was written by Terri the high school intern at the Daviess County public library.

    When I saw this book I had no clue as to what it was going to be about. The title seemed interesting so I got it and read it. I read it back in the awkward times of freshman year. I think about this book every day even today as a senior. The story literally spoke to me louder than any book ever has before.

    Speak is actually about a young girl in high school who was taken advantage of and raped. She’s completely traumatized by what happened and is too afraid to tell anyone about it. She stays quiet in the halls and everywhere really. She basically cuts herself off from all socialization and everyone judges her and makes her feel like an outcast. She makes herself invisible and she physically harms herself. This book is for all teens out there who feel like no one can see them, who feel like no one cares about them or the things that happen to them. It was such an inspiring story for me because I am that kid in school who doesn’t speak up really, and not many people know my name. I also recommend this book to the people who don’t reach out to others and make them feel wanted, and known. It will show you how people really feel and what they really go through. It will inspire you to be better and expand your social horizons to more than just your normal group.

    This book reminds you that you need to be careful about the things you say to people because you can never possibly know what someone is going through. In my opinion the author did an amazing job at writing this story. She pulled you right into the story and really made you feel for the poor girl. She made you have hope for this fictional character because when you read it you can see that the girl is not all that fictional. You can look around and see there are people going through the same things as her. It definitely made me want to reach out to people, even though I feel like an outcast myself at times, and make them feel special, show them someone does care, and there’s no need to hide away from everyone.

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