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    BEST OF 2016: Taryn Norris, Public Services

    Our “Best Of 2016” series will be a bit different than most. Rather than having the staff write about things released this year, we’ve elected to allow anything they’ve listened to/played/read/watched this year that they’ve enjoyed. Favorite programs we’ve hosted also might make lists as well. Our second installment comes to us from Taryn Norris of our Public Services.

    The two reviews listed below are just a couple children’s books (one picture book and one juvenile/middle grades fiction) that were my two favorites this year. To include the highest circulating and most popular titles from 2016, see the list below.

    • A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers, illustrated by Sam Winston
    For book lovers of all ages, Jeffers creates a beautifully creative picture book illustrated with books and lines from books. Two children discover all the wonder in the “mountains of make-believe” and “the forests of fairy tales” as they journey through a landscape of words. This book can be read simply for its story or the discovery of lines from classic works such as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Great Expectations, and The Swiss Family Robinson.

    • The Search for WondLa written and illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi
    A tale of self-discovery in the vein of The Wizard of Oz, The Search for WondLa follows a young girl, Eva Nine, and wise alien, Rovender Kitt, as they search for Eva’s family. DiTerlizzi intricately weaves together the landscape and creatures of the planet Orbona with his many details and unexpected action. Sci-fi/fantasy fans will fall in love with this series! Be sure to have book #2 (A Hero for WondLa) on hand as soon as you finish this one!

    Here are some of the highest circulating (most popular) children’s books of 2016.

    If you’re looking for…

    • Hilariously true struggles and misadventures of middle school, try the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney
    • Time traveling child adventurers, try the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne
    • Pre-teens who turn out to be gods, try The Trials of Apollo series (Greek gods) or Magnus Chase and the gods of Asgard series (Norse gods) by Rick Riordan
    • Fun, family stories about everyday life and valuable lessons, try the Berenstain Bears books by Jan and Stan Berenstain
    • Picture books for girly girls who love dress-up and princesses, try the Fancy Nancy books by Jane O’Connor

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