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    New Discoveries

    by Savannah Warren

    I always like the feeling one gets when they discover something new. It’s especially exciting if the something in question has been around for a while or was previously thought of as useless. I recently had this feeling twice when I discovered two such technologies.

    The first is the new phone I bought not long ago. It is a Nokia Lumia and is one of those fancy Windows phones. I was tired of spending so much time on my phone pushing buttons and opening apps just to check all my media. Now I can have everything on one page and I love it. I spend so much less time on my phone I don’t quite know what to do with myself when I get bored. The only thing I dislike about it is the navigation system. The one on my old LG phone was amazing and this one doesn’t quite stack up. It doesn’t tell you the exit numbers on major highways or all the names for certain roads. It also doesn’t take you to the correct entrance to every destination as I found myself on the wrong side of the entrance to a strip mall when trying to get to a restaurant in Lexington the other day. However, I think I can deal with this since I can navigate pretty well already. Despite the fact that the store clerk wanted to sell me an iPhone (which I refuse to buy) and tried to dissuade me from buying this one, I am happy I bought it. I feel so high-tech.

    The second technology is one that has been on my computer since I first bought it a few years ago but never opened before now. I needed somewhere to organize and store all the information for my sister’s wedding which I’m planning and decided to go through all my computer programs to see if any filled the need. What I came across was Microsoft OneNote. I was familiar with all the other Microsoft Office programs because I’d used them in classes over the years but this one somehow seemed to escape me. I wish I had discovered it before because it could have come in handy in many college classes. It is essentially a notebook that you can create with all kinds of ways to organize your information. It includes the most handy elements from all the other Office programs and is just a really cool way to take notes. Now, nothing really beats the ease and rapidity of putting pencil to paper but this comes very close. I will at least use it for large projects that involve many people from now on since sharing notes is easy.

    I highly recommend checking out these two things. I know some people won’t even think about giving up their iPhone just like I won’t think about buying one, but it doesn’t hurt to check out what else is out there. At least look for what is probably already on your computer. I know I will be going through all my programs now to see what else I have missed.

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