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    Evansville’s library

    Savannah Warren

    I recently made a trip to Evansville and visited their public library. For one of my classes, I needed to compare and contrast two public libraries and I thought I should check theirs out since I was in the neighborhood. I have to admit, theirs was pretty cool. The kids section looked like a playground and was removed from the rest of the library, so the noise coming from it didn’t pollute the other sections. The other sections were extremely large and I had a hard time picking a place to sit down and work on my homework. They had so many different reading rooms and so many different sets of computers, it was hard to choose. I also found their Indiana room which is similar to our Kentucky Room, but it was locked and a sign on the door said only available upon appointment. When I stopped and talked to one of the librarians she informed me that they open it up when someone asks but that they don’t get many inquiries. Another librarian gave me a tour of the little room which had many similar resources to ours. She also took me to their workroom and showed me all their cool gadgets. This is where I geeked out and became really jealous. Their table scanners and book scanners were something I wish I could use everyday. However, despite their cool gadgets, I still think our KY room is better, but some might call me biased.
    All in all, the library was pretty interesting. It is definitely a place that you could hide and not hear from anyone for a couple of hours, which is something I know a lot of people like. It almost felt like a museum, especially the entrance.
    Upon leaving, I had plenty of material for my paper and I also had the urge to go to all the other libraries in town and see if they were just as cool. I didn’t have time or I would have, but I will definitely make time in other cities I visit. It’s one of those things I always say I will do. I always regretted when I was in New York a few years ago that I didn’t go into the New York Public Library. Talk about a missed opportunity.
    I may be weird but libraries have always fascinated me and the Evansville library is pretty cool. So next time you go shopping in Evansville, you should stop by the library. It’s worth it.

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