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    Memorabilia Day!

    Celebrate Daviess County’s Bicentennial

    Saturday, July 11, 1-5 pm

    Daviess County Memorabilia Day

    Celebrate Daviess County’s Bicentennial

    Saturday, July 11, 1-5 pm



    In celebration of Daviess County’s Bicentennial the Daviess County Public Library is sponsoring Daviess County Memorabilia Day on Saturday, July 11th (1-5 pm). Various organizations and individuals that have items that reflect the history and culture of Daviess County have been invited to come and display them. A wide variety of items will be on display and also offered for sale. Items include art work, pictures, post cards, pamphlets, books, posters, signs, souvenirs, bottles, tokens, toys, antiques, products made locally and a multitude of other vintage collectibles. In the parking lot there will be an Owensboro Wagon, 1925 Ames auto, 1956 Owensboro police cruiser and 1926 Seagrave fire engine.

    Both floors of the library will be a treasure trove of items to view and purchase. In the Kentucky Room, on the first floor, historic items from the Kentucky Room’s collection will be on display. On the east end of the Kentucky Room there will be a Daviess County Book Store with free handouts and items on Daviess County for purchase – they include duplicate books & pamphlets from the library’s collection, genealogy society’s family history books on Daviess County, Greenwood Cemetery book, Messenger-Inquirer books, 1881 Birds’ Eye View of Owensboro poster, postcards from Nona’s Downtown Market, and complementary items from the Owensboro-Daviess County Tourist Commission and Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce. At the display of the Daviess County Bicentennial Committee the new history of Daviess County and other souvenirs celebrating the Bicentennial will be available. Also on the first floor will be booths hosted by the Owensboro Fire Department, Daviess County Sheriff, Joe Ford Nature Center, Owensboro Health Regional Hospital, Archives of the Owensboro Catholic Diocese, Archives of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount St. Joseph, Owensboro Area Museum of Science & History, Owensboro Antique Mall, Bruner’s Collectables, and collectors, Steve Marks, Ben McGill and Paul Coomes.

    In the public lounge & bay window on the second floor there will be an Art Gallery – displayers include Owensboro Museum of Fine Art, Rex Robinson, Rhonda McEnroe, Wendell Thompson, Studio 105 Art & Frame Gallery, Studio Slant LLC, C. G. Morehead prints, Adam Paris and Imagination Library. Also on the second floor will be displays by the Daviess County Extension Service, Ron Peach, Bill McCarty, David Edds, Hal Miller collection, Sara McNulty and the Married Ladies Reading Club.

    We are really excited about this program and think it could be an entertaining way to learn about, experience and celebrate the history of Daviess County. Please come and help us to celebrate!


    The following will have a display on Daviess County Memorabilia Day:


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