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    ‘Weather’ you like it or not, Fall is coming…

    You know that fall will be coming earlier than normal when the calendar still states that it’s August and yet we’re having temperatures more conducive to latter September. At least, this is what the local weatherman seems to be saying for this coming week. The truth is that for the last few weeks the weather has been a little less hot than normal for a month that is traditionally recognized as one of the warmest of the summer months.

    Mind you I’m not completely complaining, although I really do love summer. However, sometimes the really high heat and humidity can be a bit of a drag and leave me feeling worn out. I’ve always said that if we could have more of a happy medium with temps in the mid to upper 70s in the day and low 50s to 60s at night that I would be a really happy camper. I have never enjoyed temperature extremes in summer or winter. I just don’t see the point in having them. What good is it doing for it to be so cold and/or so hot that it ends up being dangerous to mankind?

    Of course, in reality none of us has any control over the weather even though we would certainly like to. I know there have been many special occasions in my life where I wish I could have ordered the weather to be exactly as I needed it for that once-in-a-lifetime event. I often wish for wonderful weather not only on happy occasions but even on the sad ones too. I know that sounds strange but I would still rather the sun be out on the day of a funeral than for it to be dark and dreary. To me, the sun has a positive effect on me as if to say, “It’s going to be okay even though you’re hurting right now.”

    In any event, the weather plays a huge role in all our lives whether we choose to realize it or not. We always need to be mindful of what is happening outside because it can impact us in good and bad ways. We only need to look out West right now to know that for the last several years California and other western states have dealt with one of the most severe droughts in the history of those states. I’ve always felt that California really doesn’t seem to stand a chance against the weather sometimes.

    First, they have the drought issue which causes crops to dry up, rivers and lakes to run dry, and the drinking sources for the people living in those areas to become a dangerous issue. Second, if you have a lightning strike or someone throws a match out absentmindedly, now there is great potential for wildfires as we have seen in abundance lately. Third, once the wildfires have been contained and the ground covering hundreds of square miles is scorched then you have the issue of what happens when it does decide to rain. Finally, when there is a   downpour of rain for hours on end and the earth is scorched and there is no vegetation left to hold the earth together, now you have flash flooding and entire hillsides are moved out of place along with the homes on them.

    The whole point of bringing up the issue of weather is to remind everyone to be alert, stay safe and always keep an eye to the sky. If you happen to be a person who has a real fascination with the weather then here at the Daviess County Public Library we have several books, videos, etc. available for checkout that would satisfy that insatiable curiosity to know even more. Here is the breakdown of the different formats and how many items we own in each area:

    • 141 Adult non-fiction books
    • 183 Juvenile non-fiction books
    • At least 13 videos

    Additionally, here are just a few of the most recent books we own on weather-related phenomena:

    • Rain: a natural and cultural history
    • The Weather experiment: the pioneers who sought to see the future
    • The Gardener’s guide to weather & climate
    • The New shade garden: creating a lush oasis in the age of climate change
    • What stands in a storm: three days in the worst superstorm to hit the South’s tornado alley
    • Betting the farm on a drought: stories from the front lines of climate change
    • The Practical Peppers complete guide to disaster preparedness
    • Alone in Antarctica
    • Superstorm: nine days inside Hurricane Sandy
    • Storm Surge: Hurricane Sandy, our changing climate, and extreme weather of the past and future

    Now that you have an idea on some of the weather-related items we own, stop by and see what else your local public library has to offer as well. We are filled with vast amounts of information that is readily available right at your fingertips. Drop by today and discover “weather” or not you should take part in what we have to offer.

    Until next time,


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