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    Fablehaven by Mull, Brandon: Book Review

    by Caleb-

    Tech Tutor Volunteer

    One of my all time favorite book series is Fablehaven. Writing a blog post without spoilers would be hard, but I’ll keep the spoilers until the end. This series is about a brother and sister, Seth and Kendra, who visit their mysterious grandparents and discover a huge secret! Sounds pretty  generic, right? Well, maybe it is: the protagonist visits their mysterious relative that hasn’t been in their life for about as long as they can remember, then they show up bearing news of magic or monsters or some other mythical aspect of the world that the main character needs to play a role in.

    But the generic plot isn’t what it seems. Over the five books (Fablehaven, Rise of the Evening Star, Grip of the Shadow Plague, Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, and Keys to the Demon Prison), the world of Fablehaven grows and progresses like few books akin to it. They also have a follow up series that’s just starting to be released with the first book, Dragonwatch. I’m excited to read it, though I would encourage readers to go through the original series first for background information.

    These books were good for my younger brother, a fourth grader, and still enjoyable for me, a junior in high school. The humor is clean and there isn’t cussing, so reading it to smaller children isn’t hazardous, but it is still enjoyable. I hope y’all enjoy them too!

    Now for a few spoilers. They won’t be huge spoilers, but some of them might help potential readers find out if this is the series for them. If you’re still iffy on reading them and don’t mind a few spoilers, read on, but if you’re still iffy and can’t stand a spoiler just go start reading.

    Fablehaven, as the name suggests, is a safe haven for fabled creatures, including satyrs, ogres, trolls, and even one or two demons. Kendra and Seth both accidentally find themselves with powers neither of them could have anticipated.

    They get sucked into a battle between the protectors of the preserves, The Knights of the Dawn, and the dark power of the Evening Star, an organization with the goal of opening the demon prison and unleashing chaos on the world, at the terms of its leader.

    Naturally this isn’t about to work out, especially when dealing with demons, and when Seth makes a deal with a demon, he unleashes chaos and inadvertently puts a demon in charge of the Evening Star, which means the prison won’t be opening on any human’s terms. Not a good situation for Seth and Kendra. I won’t spoil the ending, and I hope I didn’t spoil anything too big for anyone, though this does tell a good portion of the basic plot.

    Thanks for reading!


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