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    Job Resources @ DCPL

    By: Christy V. Temple

              Have you recently been let go from a job and now are trying to find a new one? Even though the stats would tell us that unemployment is down in this area it is still very hard sometimes to find a decent job making a fair wage. Times are still tough in many respects and finding a job that is just the right fit can take some unique maneuvering strategies.

    However, despite the difficulties sometimes in finding a new job the best thing you can do as a prospective job-seeker is to keep your chin up and remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Stay focused, be tenacious, and above all, remain calm. If you let yourself get flustered and frustrated that is not going to help matters at all and will only cause a setback. Always remember that you have supporters on your side from previous jobs and your family can be a big help as well.

    Now that you have your emotions under control you need to start doing your research to find out about job availability in your area. This is where I can be of assistance to you. As a librarian, one of my duties is research and I will admit that I really enjoy that aspect of the job. I tend to think research is a natural inclination for me even if I wasn’t a librarian but the fact that I am makes my job easier because I automatically enjoy doing it.

    So, with that said, let me introduce you to several resources that I have put together to assist you with the job search in the Owensboro, Kentucky area. Here are some of the top websites that I would highly recommend you seek out when exploring new job opportunities.

    As you can tell, there are quite a few websites available for you to assist you with your job search in the Owensboro/Daviess County area. I hope that these sites will be of great assistance to you in finding that perfect job. Also, remember that the Daviess County Public Library has multiple books on writing resumes and we have both wired and wireless computers that you can come in and use to compile a resume and search for jobs too. All you need is to bring in your DCPL library card and you can use our Internet services.





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