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    LeRedBaron on Writing

    Hello , DCPL readers!
    Today I’m going to talk not about reading, but writing. When I was younger I read a lot. I dreamed constantly about fantasy worlds, and in fourth grade my teacher had us do creative writing, and my ideas moved to the paper.
    I didn’t share them much, mostly because they were all works in progress, and I didn’t want them to be either ruined or lost, and I couldn’t work on them if someone else had them.
    Then, in seventh grade, I found out about google docs. I could share them with my friends, with differing levels of editing power (once or twice they would delete everything, then undo it to give me a heart attack). More power to me, I could edit them anywhere with internet and a device.
    Finally, during my sophomore year, my cousin introduced me to the site, Wattpad, a story sharing website that allows people to post and edit their works. I have several stories posted, though most are unfinished. It’s a fun way to let other authors (and readers) see my stories and give me feedback.
    I have seen all sorts of fiction books (I haven’t searched out any non fiction, so I don’t actually know if they have that, but my guess is they do). There is a lot of teen/young adult fiction, including werewolves, science fiction, romance, and of course, my genre, fantasy. There are some children’s books, though I personally haven’t read them, and therefore can’t say if they’re good or not.
    My favorite book I’m writing is Knight of the Dawn, a collab project with my cousin. I’m writing from the perspective of a dragon hunter, Macus Drake, while she writes from the point of view of a dragon protector, or Knight of the Dawn (hence the title), named Willow Rose. These two meet and a battle of wits ensues back and forth as they both try to take advantage of the other.
    I find that Wattpad calls to both the reader and the writer in me, and it has been a fun, enjoyable tool for both of these sides. Like I said, I write, and if you want to go look me up, I write clean, good fantasy and science fiction stories, most of which I am still working on. My pen name is currently LeRedBaron. I hope you enjoy my stories and Wattpad as a whole if you do check it out!
    Until next time

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