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    Try a New Author

    by Alicia Harrington

    One of the pleasures of my job is finding new authors for you to read. Last year one of those authors broke through to melandmorekind
    with a wonderful book, A Land More Kind Than Home. This was written by Wiley Cash and was his debut novel.  His first novel has suspense, intrigue and southern charm.

    Why bring up this author almost 18 months after this great book?  He has written another novel and it is coming out in January 2014.
    This Dwileycash2ark Road to Mercy is about a 12-year-old and her sister in North Carolina’s foster care system.  It promises the southern charm and intrigue of this first novel.  Here is hoping that this author can hold a special place on our reading lists for years to come.



    Here is a list of other new authors you may have missed.

    norwegianNorwegian by Night by Derek B Miller


    queenThe Queen of Palmyra by Monrose Gwin


    stealinghorsesOut Stealing Horses by Per Peterson


    queenThe Queen of Palmyra by Monrose Gwin


    Litlittlecenturytle Century by Anna Keesey



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