Gifts & Donations

    The Daviess County Public Library is grateful for gifts, and its collection has been enriched by donations of materials as well as contributions. In accepting a gift of materials the library reserves the privilege of deciding whether items donated should be added to the collections. Out of the many books and other materials which citizens so generously give, a considerable portion can be used. Some cannot, because any library material, though of value in itself, may be:

    • a duplicate item of which the library already has sufficient number.
    • outdated – interesting, but not of sufficient present reference or circulating value to the library.
    • in poor condition – which would not justify the expense of processing it, i.e. cataloging and preparing for circulation.

    The Daviess County Public Library accepts gift books with the understanding that books which are useful to the library collection will be retained, and other books either sold in the Friends of the Library book sales, or disposed of in whatever manner deemed appropriate. The library retains unconditional ownership of gift materials. Materials may be added or discarded without consulting the donor. Since the library is actively used, and sustains losses through theft, mutilation and wear, no guarantee can be made that any gift will be a permanent part of the collection. The library reserves the right to interfile gifts with other collections on the same subject, so that all collections are organized and classified according to library standards for the best public service.The library will not provide an appraisal for gifts of materials which are accepted for its collection or the book sales. If requested in advance, donors will be provided with a receipt indicating how many items were donated. Gifts to the Daviess County Public Library may be deductible for income tax purposes; please consult your tax advisor.

    (Adopted by the DCPL Board of Trustees 10-19-00)


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