Read KY Libraries Unbound on your home PC

    (if you have Windows 8 or a Mac, you will use different instructions)

    You will need a home computer or laptop. To begin downloading books from the library, you must first download a free program from the Internet called Adobe Digital Editions and to register that program to your email address. These steps are only necessary the first time you download books from the library.

    First, create an Adobe ID by following these steps:

    1. Go to Adobe’s website (
    2. Click the link in the top right hand corner to “Sign In”
    3. On the page “My Adobe Account” click on the link that says “Don’t have an Adobe ID?” located under the yellow “Sign In” box.
    4. Create your Adobe ID by entering an email address and password. (Write down this information; you will need it later.)

    Second, install the Adobe Digital Editions program on your home computer by following these steps:

    1. On the Adobe website, search for “Adobe Digital Editions” or follow this link
    2. Download Adobe Digital Editions by selecting Windows
    3. A link will pop up if you want to run or save the Installer program. Choose “run”
    4. Once Adobe Digital Editions installs, open the program and go to the Help at the top toolbar.
    5. Select “Authorize Computer” and enter the Adobe ID and password that you wrote down in Step 4 above.

    You are now ready to search for and download books from the library.

    1. Go to the library’s website (
    2. Click on the link for “Downloads” (the blue box on the left hand side of the page under the central image)
    3. Click on the link for “eBooks & eAudios”
    4. Hit the “Sign In” button in the top right hand corner
    5. Select “Daviess County Public Library” from the drop-down menu.
    6. Enter your complete library barcode number from the back of your library card. Check the box “remember my login information on this device” if you are using your own home computer.
    7. Search for the item you want to check out using the search box in the top right hand corner; if you want to browse, go to Advanced Search, select “EPUB  eBook” from the Format menu and choose whatever subject interests you.
    8. If you want to see only copies that you can currently check out (that aren’t checked out to other people), click on the box that says “Available now”
    9. Hit the Search button
    10. When you find the book you want, click on the name of the book below the picture of the cover
    11. You are in a detail screen for the book. If you still want to check out the book, click on the blue “Borrow” button located below the Star Rating
    12. Hit the button “Download (Select one format)”
    13. Check the box for EPUB eBook or PDF
    14. Hit “confirm and download”
    15. A window will pop up. “Do you want to open or save this file?” Choose “Open”
    16. This will automatically open the book with your Adobe Digital Editions so you should be able to read the book on your computer if you wish.

    Your book will be returned to the library automatically at the end of your checkout period – so you don’t need to worry about late fees. But you can return it early if you want by going to your library view in Adobe Digital Editions and right-clicking on the book title. Select “Return Borrowed Item” to send back to the library.

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