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    Teen Book Reviews


    Preet P.’s Review of “Naruto Volume 2”:

    Naruto Volume 2 is the second book in the series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. This book is packed with humorous quotes, mind-blowing drama, and suspenseful action. I rate this book 5 stars. The main protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki, who is a knucklehead ninja, strives to be his land’s hokage, the most honorable position in the military. Sasuke, Naruto’s rival, is bloodthirsty for revenge on a mysterious family member. Sakura, the only female ninja in Team 7, has a crush on Sasuke, while he ignores her but picks on Naruto who likes her. Last but not least, Kakashi is Team 7’s instructor. He is known as the “Copycat Ninja” for stealing and manipulating over 1000 Jutsus with his special Sharingan Eye. All four characters have been assigned a mission to escort Tazuna, a bridge builder building a bridge that will stop all seaport trade/travel. Gato, an infamous billionaire, has made all his money from seaport trade/travel and has assigned “The Demon of the Mist” to exterminate Tazuna and anyone with him!

    Preet P.’s review of “Naruto Volume 7”:

    This is the 7th volume of the manga series “Naruto,” art and story by Masashi Kishimoto. We pick up where we left off in the 6th volume, at the second trial of the Chunin Exams. Team 7, alongside Team 10 (Ino, Choji, and Shikamaru) are fighting ninjas from the Sound Village. Orochimaru, a dangerous man from the Sound Village, has put a curse on Sasuke and if Sasuke survives the curse he will be granted immense power. The ninja from the Sound Village have been to look over Sasuke, but the sound ninja disobey Orichimaru and try to kill Sasuke but Sasuke kills them with his immense power. Later on in the book, we figure out that a mysterious boy, Gaara, with an even more mysterious past has set a record of 97 minutes on the Chunin exam without a scratch on him. Rating: 5 stars.

    Preyas P.’s review of “Naruto Volume 63”:
    This volume is the 63rd book in the series about a young, inspiring ninja, written by Masashi Kishimoto. In my opinion, this book is definitely worth 5 stars, because this comedy/action series is jam-packed with action and quotes. This book was mainly about unmasking Tobi to see who he was, which was none other than Obito Uchiha! This book was also about Obito’s childhood and what caused him to start the war (Kakashi killing Rin, whom Obito loves). Other than that, this book was just Naruto, Kakashi, Guy, and Killer Bee fighting Obito and the reanimated Madara Uchiha. Rating: 5 stars.

    Preyas P.’s review of “Naruto Volume 67”:

    I, for one, loved this book because it was full of action and fighting. If I were to rate this book, I’d give it 5 stars at the max. The parts I loved were when Naruto and Sasuke both gang up on Obito, and also when Naruto figures out he can use sage mode in Kurama mode. But I didn’t like when Obito was talking smack about Minato and how he couldn’t save his wife and junk, which made Naruto activate sage mode and rasengan that fool to where they found out sage senjutso attacks damage him. Rating: 5 stars.

    Nathan T.’s review of “Small Steps”:

    A book that many people don’t know about is Small Steps, the sequel to the award-winning book, Holes. One summer afternoon, Armpit was working on landscaping for someone when his friend whom he had met at Camp Green Lake, X-Ray, addressed him with a crafty plan to earn money selling concert tickets at a higher value than what they had originally been marketed for. Armpit reluctantly chose to go along even though he was trying to hold a steady life. Their first “mission” was at the concert of the overwhelmingly famous Kaira Deleon. Instead of selling the tickets, he decided to take his neighbor, Ginny, a little girl with cerebral palsy, to the concert when a girl he admired declined his offer. Halfway in, Armpit looked down and noticed that Ginny was having a seizure. After taking her to the doctor, he met Kaira who was there to check on Ginny. The next day, Kaira called Armpit and asked him to have breakfast with her. Armpit was absolutely flabbergasted. It’s not every day that you have breakfast with a popstar. When Armpit comes home, he hears a knock on the door. A policeman approaches him because the tickets he used were supposedly counterfeit. How is Armpit going to turn his life around now that he might have to go through a legal battle over counterfeit tickets?

    If you liked Holes and need a book that picks up the story from where it left off, Small Steps is the way to do it. The book is targeted toward people 5th-8th grade. There’s minor cursing, but it shouldn’t get in the way of reading such a good book. I hope you enjoy Small Steps just as much as I did.

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