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    Free Internet Access During COVID-19

    by Wesley Johnson Several internet services providers are going above and beyond to make sure everyone has access during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We applaud them for attempting to help make these stressful time a little easier. Comcast is offering low-income households access to their “Internet Essentials” package for free. Normally that costs $9.95 a month. With it, you get speeds “up to” 25 mbps. To apply for a self-install kit (modem & router), visit…

    Learn a New Language with Rosetta Stone

    Travel the world this summer from the safety of your home!  Start learning a new language today with Rosetta Stone.  Available now through June 30th To get started, go to and create a new account. Use the Rosetta Stone app on your tablet or smartphone.     Before you open the App for the first time: On your tablet or smartphone, To get started, go to and log in or create a new…

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