If you’re lucky you’ll never have to call 911 in an emergency situation. In the event you do there is little doubt the person on the other end will do everything within their power to assist you, as will the emergency personal dispatched to help you. But that doesn’t mean more attention can’t be paid to improve how emergency response serves you. The Owensboro-Daviess County Dispatch is sponsoring a service called Smart 911 which allows city and county residents to voluntarily supply important information to emergency personnel as a means of improving response and services.

    What is Smart 911?
    In most cases when calling 911 seconds count and it’s the job of the dispatch personnel to determine the type of emergency and type of response. Sometimes this is obvious and other times less so. The more information dispatch has about you the quicker and easier these determinations may be made. Smart 911 allows individuals to create profiles that inform emergency personnel about you, your home, and your family.

    What information do I supply?
    Smart 911 profiles consist of basic information about the individual, family and/or household. Supplying address, telephone numbers, vehicles, who lives in the home and emergency contacts is obvious but Smart 911 offers more. Do you have a big vicious dog? That’s probably something emergency personnel need to know before responding to your emergency. Do you have physical limitations that might affect how you’re assisted in an emergency? Smart 911 allows you to share that information. Do you live in a shared home with multiple entrances? Smart 911 can inform responders of which door to utilize. Do you have allergies to certain medications? Smart911 can inform the emergency responders for you. There is any number of details and/or situations that could make the use of Smart 911 not only helpful but essential.

    Who is Smart 911 for?
    Anyone in the Daviess County/Owensboro area may use Smart 911. The service is free to local residents thanks to the Owensboro-Daviess County Dispatch and the Daviess County Commissioners. Smart 911 profiles can be created for any residence of any size. Smart911 can cover a single-person residence to a multi-family home. Do you have aged parents who live far from you? You can use Smart911 to create a profile for them to help you sleep at night. Smart911 can help protect you and your loved ones and is for everyone who resides in the sponsored area.

    How does Smart911 benefit me?
    The goal of Smart911 is to optimize the way in which local law enforcement and emergency personnel serve you during emergencies. The benefit of creating a Smart911 profile is improved emergency service at no cost to you whatsoever. Smart911 is like insurance. You hardly consider it when all is going well, but when you need it you’re glad you have it. And there is no monthly payment, so why not use it?

    How does Smart 911 use the information?
    Once you’ve created your Smart911 profile the information is stored safely and securely in their facilities. Smart911 only makes this information available to 9-1-1 dispatch in the event of an emergency. Upon creating the profile the individual also creates a user name and password that allows them to alter/update their information at any time. Smart911 relies on the industry recognized standards of security so you’re information is kept private and secure. Your personal information will never be sold, rented, or shared. Literally the only people to see your information will be the emergency personnel responding to you.
    How does Smart 911 keep my information current?
    In emergency situations time is of the essence and reliable information is crucial. With that in mind Smart911 requires users to review their information at least once every six months to maintain its accuracy. If nothing has changed within the minimum time then only review is required. But your personal information is alterable anytime through

    Can I get in trouble through Smart 911?
    The goal of Smart911 is to aid you and emergency responders during dire situations. It is NOT the goal of Smart911 to spy on you or share your information with anyone or any organization without cause. The individual is in control of what information is supplied to Smart911. It is not required that an individual supply any information that they do not wish to.

    How do I sign up for Smart911?
    Creating a Smart911 profile is quick, safe, and best of all, free. Your Smart911 profile can be created by visiting and clicking the “Create My Safety Profile” on the right and fill in the requisite information. Are you unsure how to create your safety profile or unsure just what information to supply? Well, the Daviess County Public Library has partnered with the Daviess County Commissioners to offer assistance with creating Smart911 safety profiles. All you need to do is stop in the Daviess County Public Library and ask the staff for assistance to create your Smart911 profile and they’ll be happy to help.

    What if I don’t have a Computer or email address?
    Creating a Smart911 profile is done via But what if you don’t have a computer or don’t know much about the Internet? Don’t worry, because the Daviess County Public Library is here to assist you. Just stop in the DCPL and ask for Smart911 assistance and their friendly staff will be glad to help you set up your profile.

    How do I know I successfully created a profile?
    Upon completing your Smart911 profile you will be asked when Smart911 may call the telephone number you’ve listed as a confirmation. You’ll be able to select a relative time in case you are not able to answer your phone at the time you create your profile. Once Smart911 calls you and the call is answered your Smart911 profile is then complete and active. It’s really that easy.

    Remember, Smart911 is safe, secure, and free. Your safety profile can be the difference between life and death. Create your Smart911 Safety profile by visiting or the Daviess County Public Library today!

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