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    Fashion on ROMP

    “Festival” is officially it’s own category in the fashion world. From Gucci fanny packs to Prada Hawaiian shirts, festivals and their colorful clothing have hit mainstream fashion, with even Beyoncé participating.

    At ROMP, I knew I wanted to pick up some colorful duds to show my Bluegrass-lovin’ pride but could not decide what to get! From bandannas to hats to a variety of shirts and hoodies, I was stumped on all of the choices.

    I decided to look to my fellow ROMPers to see what they were wearing. The results were crystal: Tie dye was everywhere!

    All around, the people of ROMP lit up the crowd with their bright colors just as the bands lit up the stage.

    With attendees in bright dresses and tanks

    multicolor tees,

    and matching garb,

    from cooling off in a hammock,

    Bluegrass fans of all ages really enjoyed bringing a little rainbow into the mix.

    Even the Billy Strings band rocked tie-dye created by their tour manager, Uncle John!

    By Saturday, the choice became a simple one for me:

    The answer was as easy as following the rainbow!

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